Agenda 21 - Albemarle Co. Comprehensive Plan

Albemarle County - Updates to Comprehensive Plan which is done every 5 years. Planning Commission will be presenting in June, 2013.

Draft of Comprehensive Plan and Updates...... 

The following three links reflect plans by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, and are funded by a recent grand of $990,000 by HUD, and have been authorized to proceed by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors at their June meeting. Please read, you will be shocked at the attack on private property rights.
*Audrey Welborn is the ACRWL representative on the TJPDC Livability Partnership Committee, and will be making reports to our group on the progress of these plans. If you would like to add comments to their survey after reviewing the first two documents, and after reviewing all of the charts provided in the third link, please contact Audrey.


1.  American Policy Center Web Site
     (1) Agenda 21 - In One Easy Lesson - One Page Summary of this very important issue.
     (2) Special Report - Sustainable Development - Article
     (3) VIDEOS: Tom DeWeese, The Deceptive Agenda of Sustainability in Local Government, Sponsored by the Jefferson Area Tea Party, Charlottesville, Va., March 17, 2011, Welborn Freedom Watch, #2740.
    (4) How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese, 3/4/11.
    (5) Action Alert - There is a Real Chance to Stop Funding for Sustainable Communities......., 9/20/11.

2.  Freedom - Web Site
     (1) Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 - A Brief Analysis Article.
     (2) Understanding Sustainable Development-Agenda 21 - Comprehensive article-lower right side
     (3) Research Center - (a) Agenda 21 - The United Nations Program of Action from Rio - pdf (b) Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide - more.............

3.  Glossary of Terms: Sustainability, Agenda 21, Private Property Rights - Alliance for Citizen Rights

4.  Schilling Show Blog 
     (1) Conflicted TJPDC Packs Group with Government Beneficiaries and Allies.
     (2) Infill-tration Charlottesville Democrats Organizing to Undermine Albemarle Co. Property Rights.
     (3) The Sustainability Trap: Albemarle, Charlottesville, and TJPDC Million Dollars Assault on Individual Liberties.

5.  Taking Liberty - Introduction - Narrative Audio Web Site - Wildlands Project
     (1) How Private Property is Being Abolished - Article

6.  Text of Senate and House Bills - Livable Communities Act of 2009 - SB 1619, HB4690, Gov. - Note: Go to Section 5 (2) Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities.
     (1) Livable Communities Act Clears Senate Committee-8/4/10-DC Streetblog Capitol Hill.
     (2) Republicans Blast 'Livable Communities' Bill as Washington-Based Central Planning for Cities and Towns-CNS News-8/4/10.
     (3) Senate Bill Marks Next Step in Federal 'Sustainable Communities' Plan - CNS News-8/5/10.
     (4) Chris Dodd Bows to Global Governance, World Net Daily, 8/14/10.

7.  American Thinker Articles:
     (1) UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood Near You - 10/28/09 - Also mentions ICLEI.
     (2) The Livable Communities Act - 8/11/10.
     (3) Sustainability Poverty: The Real Face of the Leftist Environmental Agenda - 8/25/10.
     (4) The Five Year Plan Makes Its American Debut - 10/2/10.
     (5) The Sustainable Hoax - S. Fred Singer, UVA, 4/22/11.

8.  Michelle Malkin - States Rising Up to Fight Obama land grab; Alaska, Utah File Suit, 5/5/11 - U.S. Map - showing the percentage of each state owned by the Federal Government.

9.  Virginia Right Articles :
      (1) 'ICLEI Cannot Be Constitutionally Joined by any City or Local Government' - Elwood Sanders, #2586.
      (2) More Misinformation on ICLEI from Whatcom County, WA- Elwood Sanders, 4-23-11.
      (3) Need Proof ICLEI is Unconstitutional for a US Municipality to Join? Try This: ICLEI Represented Local Governments at a UN Environmental Meeting in February, 2011 - Elwood Sanders, 5-13-11.

10.  Science and Public Policy Institute - UN Agenda 21 Will Rule the US Waves.....

11.  North Bay Patriots - Blue Print to Kick Out ICLEI....

12.  Republican National Committee Resolution Passed on Anti-Agenda 21 - Virginia Right.

13.  Sustainable Freedom Lab Seminar - Tom Deweese-10/4/12 -