Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ACRWL - #25 - April Luncheon: Mark Obenshain, Rob Bell, Candidates for Virginia Attorney General, Glenmore Country Club.

On April 18, 2013, the Albemarle-Charlottsville Republican Women's League held their April Luncheon.  Invited guests were Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell, Candidates for Virginia Attorney General.  The videos are divided into three parts: Part 1 - features Mark Obenshain, Part 2 -  features Rob Bell, and Part 3 - is a Question and Answer session with questions from the ACRWL membership.

Part 1 - Mark Obenshain, Candidate for Attorney General, and currently Virginia State Senator, shares his policy platform and role as candidate for Virginia Attorney General.
Part 2 - Rob Bell, Candidate for Attorney General, and currently Delegate for Virginia 58th District, shares his vision for the office of Attorney General including his background experience for this position.

Part 3 -  Question and Answer Session with ACRWL membership submitting questions for the candidates.  Question 1 - What would be your first issue to tackle as Attorney General, what do you see as your main focus, and what do you consider the most serious challenges facing the State of Virginia over the next four years? Question 2 - Ken Cuccinelli has stated that President Obama has violated the Constitution 22 times, what are some of those constitutional infringements, what can a state Attorney General do about it, what is your position on the constitutional issues raised by Obamacare and what can you do to minimize the effects of it? Question 3 - Explain the difference between the EPA lawsuit in Fairfax that Virginia won vs. localities charging storm water taxes based on impervious surfaces contained on their private property?

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