Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ACRWL #22 - February Luncheon - Jeannemarie Davis, Candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor, Glenmore Country Club

On February 21, 2013, the Albemarle-Charlottesville Republican Women's League held their monthly luncheon, featuring Jeannemarie Davis, Candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor. Highlights of her talk were: Race to the Top, Public Charter Schools, Healthy Kids Act, how school lunches have risen to $2.50, an amount that has to be charged as per contract from a company which no longer features food from local farmers markets. She also spoke about Obamacare, that employers won't hire the 50th employee, 35 hours used to be part-time, moved to 30, now 29 hours, eventually may be 20 hours. People will have a hard time finding a second job to make up the hours. As the Lt. Governor presides over the Senate, she stands ready to become governor if necessary, only person running that has experience managing a Washington office. She also went into great detail about her electability with all groups, including Asians, Koreans, Indians, Hispanics, which will help make up the hundreds of delegates to the Republican Convention, already committed on her behalf.  She represented an urban district with a 17 point Democratic generic, with a 25% Republican base, and was able to win.  She also discussed the Second Amendment, Voter ID and her strong support of pro-life issues.

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