Friday, September 21, 2012

ACRWL - #16 - VIDEO: September Luncheon - Frank Patterson: How to Discuss Mitt Romney's Five-Point Plan (2) VIDEO: Dr. Dane C. McBride: Shares His Life-long Friendship with Mitt Romney (3) Articles from Information Table (4) PHOTOS from Luncheon

Frank Patterson - How to Discuss Mitt Romney's Five-Point Plan - Step One - Memorize the Five Points: Energy Independence, Skills to Succeed; Trade that Works for America; Cut the Deficit; Champion Small Business. Step Two: Talk like an American instead of a partisan. Step Three - Draw back the curtain and reveal our true situation. Step Four: Mitt Romney has a Five Point Plan to create 12 Million jobs in four years. As Americans should we take a look? Courage, Knowledge and Magic!  Link to Video..........

9-20-12 - ACRWL - Dane McBride from Audrianne Welborn on Vimeo.
On September 20, 2012, Dr. Dane C. McBride, Life-long personal friend of Gov. Mitt Romney, and spoke on his behalf, also shared personal stores, at the Albemarle Charlottesville Republican Women's League's September Luncheon, Charlottesville, Virginia. He presented an inside look at the personal character of who Mitt Romney is, and how Mitt is the man to lead our country at this point in history. Part 1.

Dr.Dane C. McBride - Part 2 - Dr. Dane C. McBride

(1) The Blaze Article - Link to Glenn Beck Show that Dr. McBride mentioned that showcases three families whose lives were touched by Mitt Romney.........
(2) Daily Progress Article - Friend Tells of Helpful, Caring Mitt Romney....

Articles on Table: Direct Links
(1) The Obama You Don't Know-Washington Examiner (2) Obama's Second-term Taxes - Dick Morris (3) 7 Things to Expect if Obama is Elected to a Second Term - Townhall (4) How Obama is Trashing the Constitution - Townhall  (5) Government Will Take Almost Half Your Paycheck  -in 2013 - Heritage Foundation  (6) Ten Ways Obamacare Limits Patient Choice - Heritage Foundation  (7) Under Obamacare, Medicare Double Taxation Begins in 2013 - CNS News (8) Saving Seniors from Obamacare - Townhall (9) The United States Plummets to 18th in New Economic Freedom of the World Rankings - Townhall

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