Sunday, April 3, 2011

ACRWL March Luncheon - #3 - Speaker: Sonnie Johnson, Past President of Fredrick Douglas Foundation

On March 23, 2011 Sonnie Johnson, Past President of the Virginia Chapter of the Fredrick Douglas Foundation spoke at the ACRWL March Luncheon.  Sonny gave a fascinating timeline of black history from a historically accurate, perspective, starting from 1905 to present.  She also presented an interesting view of how Progressives beginning in the 1920's began to change the advancements African Americans  had made to this point, intellectually and culturally.  To learn more about Sonnie, please visit her web site  Below are photos from the luncheon taken by Steve Peters, Cynthia Collier, and Audrey Welborn.

The video clip below was filmed by Steve Peters using his regular still camera, which is why it is sized vertically, but we wanted to share a small clip of Sonnie's message to ACRWL: